In today’s turbulent and increasingly complex environment, delivering Advisory and Research services demands more than the provision of reports and assessments –  it requires  highly qualified, energetic and committed teams are prepared to roll up their sleeves, cut complexity and deliver the knowledge needed to drive quick, confident and effective decision to achieve organisational goals.


Our emphasis on providing world class solutions makes us strive to maintain professionals who can and do deliver high quality services as we believe that people make all the difference in the successful delivery of consulting services.


To ensure we exceed the expectations of our clients, we draw on the broad experience of specialists in energy and engineering, policy and strategy, finance and accounting, information technology, human resources, law and related fields within and outside the firm, locally and internationally, to provide a rich blend of expertise in order to provide the optimum solution every time.

Energy Advisory & Research

Our energy advisory and research services cover regulatory compliance, energy planning and feasibility analysis, policy and strategy development, energy price response studies, and energy pricing and costing studies.

Our breadth of services in the electricity an         d natural gas industry are applicable to both the private and public sectors, and we pride ourselves in providing independent, objective, and unbiased advice that our clients can trust.

Our key strength is our ability to seamlessly deliver on assignments that require both deep technical knowledge of the energy sector and a strong grasp and experience of business, finance, and economics.


Financial Advisory & Research

Our personalized and affordable approach has been specially crafted to guide our clients through the maze of financial performance improvement, compliance requirements and best practice in both the public and private sectors in Ghana.


  • Organisational Unbundling
  • Financial Control Reviews and Impact Analysis
  • Business Risk Assessments
  • Project Finance and Grant Development


These cost effective reviews and analysis do not only detect potential problems, but equip you and your teams with the insights and tools necessary to achieve mission-critical priorities and build quality and integrity and resilience into your financial management ecosysem.


In designing our specially tailored time-tested solutions we asked “What could be better for forward-thinking organisations looking for cost-effective ways to improve their financial operations and improve overall performance than the following?  

Our advisory services deliver an experienced outsider’s fresh perspective as we consider your operating ecosystem in conducting our assessments from which propose strategies, provide guidance including detailed recommendations for action and interactive manuals/handbooks for institutional strengthening and improved performance. These interventions often wrap up with training, upskilling and/or coaching to equip our client teams with the resources they need to sustain lasting changes to their financial operations.

Business Transformation


The nature of work is ever evolving – todays workforce is dominated by new generations who demand more innovation, collaboration but who also need guidance to become resilient and adaptive in order to survive and thrive in this Transformative Age.

Financial Management Transformation

Our tailored services:

  • Interrogate, re-invigorate, redesign and document financial management, risk and reporting processes
  • Facilitate the selection, implementation, and monitoring of a system of financial controls by providing guidance and independent advice and training, and ‘troubleshooting’ where necessary
  • Development of Competency frameworks (finance and Accounting),
  • Assessment and Development centre Design, Limited Needs Assessments, Assessor for acquiring and improving Financial management talent.



We develop tailored Financial models, tools and techniques for Project planning, budgeting and forecasting, Inventory management, Project management


Business Process Re-Engineering

Our insightful approach to business process re-ingineering focuses on people, not processes.

The methodology successfully deploys information technology, systems and people to produce organisational specific, effective and resilient control systems that challenge conventions, capitalise on organisational stregnths, address weaknesses and are responsive to internal and external change.


Learning & Development

Our interventions are specifically directed at finance function, including the C and E suites.

In spite of the specialist knowledge required to carry out these functions efficaciously there is a dearth of practical training courses available in this area.

Our carefully researched courses therefore provide an effective step towards bridging the gap between theoretical kn

Virtual Finance Coach (VFC)

Fancy having regular access to a business coach who understands your business risks, anticipates potential pitfalls and provides timely and customised business support for decision making as well as all the necessary compliance services?

Then our strategic advisory solutions will provide that extra opportunity typically for: 

  • Finance Directors and Entrepreneurs who periodically need an honest sounding board for ideas, potential strategies and perceived challenges. We provide alternative and impartial perspectives to assist you to explore, select and pursue optimal solutions to drive your business forward.

  • Overseas businesses seriously considering establishing a presence in Ghana. We provide data and guidance to assist you decide whether to deep dive, and when you do, to navigate the new business terrain.

  • NGO’s and entities in the development space who want to keep their finger firmly on the pulse of their finances. We walk alongside assisting you in institutional strengthening journey providing operational, procurement and risk management policy development, financial management guidance and capacity enhancement.

We place our expertise at your service every quarter, half yearly or at key moments or events in your business’ financial reporting year. Your directors and management team will have the opportunity to tap into the depths of our expertise and broad experience to receive inspired insights, candid answers and proactive advice for improved performance.

Training Solutions

You will be able to choose between in-company courses or external courses after our specialists have carried out a training needs assessment to identify your unique training requirements.
In-Company Solutions

In-Company training is the perfect solution if you have a number of people with the same training needs. This option provides you with the opportunity to work with our specialist In-Company training team and highly experienced trainers to produce a training solution that meets your exact needs. Your bespoke training course is then delivered at a location of your choice, giving you complete control, high quality and value for money.
External Training Solutions

These are specialist courses which allow participants to interact with peers in similar positions in other organizations. The courses are designed provide the participants with accelerated technical and managerial skills. These courses also offer excellent networking opportunities and the ability to learn from the experiences of others in a confidential, congenial atmosphere.


The iNTEGRITAS Training Philosophy

It is common knowledge that people are an organisation’s most important asset and as such their training and development is critical in today’s competitive market environment. It also follows that the attraction, retention and development of the best people will provide a genuine strategic advantage for any business entity.

iNTEGRITAS, an ACCA platinum approved employer, has developed a training approach that uniquely addresses the dynamic nature of training needs and enables our clients stay one step ahead of their competition by ensuring they get the best out of their accounting staff.

Our training courses are directed at staff involved in accounting, auditing and financial reporting, or those requiring such knowledge. In spite of the specialist knowledge required to carry out these functions efficaciously there is a dearth of practical training courses available in this area. These courses therefore provide an effective step towards bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Our training courses are practical and interactive, and this makes the training experience both stimulating and effective. They are carefully researched and designed to bring out the best out of all our clients to combine their academic achievements and ‘book knowledge’ with practical activities and hands on skills acquisition necessary for improved performance. The courses also provide updates in regulations, technical issues and changing trends within the profession.


The iNTEGRITAS Training Approach – Success you can measure
iNTEGRITAS’s evaluation processes allows the success and impact of training to be measured and monitored.

We will also work with you to customise our evaluation processes and develop techniques to provide feedback which is essential for measuring the positive impact of our training and it’s contribution to the success of your business, and for us to keep improving our services to you.