Learning & Development

It is common knowledge that people are an organisation’s most important resource and as such their development is critical in today’s highly competitive, volatile business environment. Consequently, the attraction, development and retention of talent will provide a genuine strategic advantage for any organisation.

The iNTEGRITAS Learning and Development approach uniquely addresses the dynamic nature of talent management and development needs to enable our clients stay one step ahead of their competition by ensuring they get the best out of their finance, risk management and auditing teams by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Our solutions are:

    1. Talent Sourcing & Managing in Financial Management, Audit and Risk Management

    • Job analysis and design and evaluation of competency models and frameworks.
    • Conducting Competency Based Interviews
    • Assessment and Development Centre design and delivery

    2. Development and upskilling solutions

    iNTEGRITAS training interventions are directed at people and teams involved in financial management and reporting, risk management, and auditing or those requiring such knowledge.

    Our carefully researched blended learning solutions are designed to expand participant capabilities by augmenting academic achievements and ‘book knowledge’ with regulatory updates, global trends within professions, organisational culture change and critical practical and hands-on skills crucial for improved performance.  We seek to embed fun in the practical and interactive sessions, making the overall training experience both stimulating and effective.

    And that’s not all……

    ….. The iNTEGRITAS Learning and Development Approach – ‘Success you can measure’, includes a customised evaluation process that allows the positive impact and contribution to the success of your people capacity intervention to be measured and monitored. This added bonus also helps us to keep improving our services to you.

    Contact us to arrange an initial team or personal capacity assessment to identify your unique training requirements, following which you can choose between:

    In-Company – the perfect solution if you have a number of people with the same learning and development needs. This option provides you with the unique opportunity to work with us to produce a training solution that meets your team’s exact needs. Your bespoke training course is then delivered at a location of your choice, giving you complete control, high quality and value for money.

    Peer-To-Peer (PTP) Learning which allows participants to interact with peers in similar positions in other organisations. These more flexible sessions are designed provide the participants with accelerated technical and managerial skills. Moreover, they offer excellent networking opportunities and the ability to learn from the experiences of others in a confidential, congenial atmosphere.

    3. Organisational Action Learning Research.

    We have introduced this experimental service to document the organisational stories of indigenous West African businesses and organisation to address the dearth of vital research in the development space. We cannot continue to use the experiences of external organisations to solve our challenges when we have a treasure trove of them right here.

    Do you have any organisational stories or insights you want to share?  Join us in this adventure and let’s see what happens!